Simple, secure, solutions for meaningful exchange
of protected health information.

Medi-Copy Services, Inc. is a health information management (HIM) company that prides itself in the secure delivery of protected health information to improve patient care, to increase the efficiency of HIM workflow, and to help HIM professionals meet the challenges of an ever-evolving healthcare industry.

The corporate office is located in Nashville, Tennessee and, like all dreams in the “Music City” that start small and grow large; Medi-Copy began with a single copy machine. It has since grown into a flourishing Release of Information (ROI) business partnering with hundreds of healthcare providers and clinics, hospitals and hospital systems, and integrated delivery networks (IDNs) across the country; meanwhile, providing the highest quality support, service, and compliancy expected when dealing with sensitive patient health information.

Our Mission

Our Mission


To provide secure and meaningful health information exchange to better assist
in patient care by streamlining communication, increase HIM productivity, and increase the facilities’ bottom line.

Our Mission

Our Solutions


Include an all-inclusive Release of Information (ROI) service, insurance claims/FMLA form completion services, and EHR conversion and integration. However, it’s our highest commitment of service that truly makes Medi-Copy shine.