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6 Tips for Better Digestive Health

Happy national Irritable Bowel Disease awareness month! MediCopy wants to thank all of our current and future gastroenterology providers for all the hard work they do. Because digestive health is often overlooked, MediCopy would like to share 6 tips we found for better digestive health. 

  1. Eat a high fiber diet. This allows for foods to flow freely in your digestive tract and aids in the absorption of nutrients (

  2. Hydrate. Hydration is key in aiding fiber to do its job. Fiber pulls water into the colon, but without enough water, the process becomes inefficient (

  3. Exercise. Regular exercise keeps your body at a healthy weight and allows food to move through the digestive tract easier. (

  4. Consider Probiotics. Probiotics aid in digestion by helping break down indigestible fibers that can lead to gas and bloating. (

  5. Manage your stress levels. When your body is under stress, or in fight-or-flight mode, the blood in your digestive system is limited and moved to other parts of your body. To sustain a healthy digestive process, it is imperative your stress levels remain at a manageable level. (

  6. Do not eat before bedtime. Eating within two hours of going to bed can cause heartburn and indigestion. (

With all health-related issues, knowledge is key. Make sure you keep up to date with the latest news regarding IBD and keep your health information organized. Find out how we keep health information organized here