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Core Values

If you could define your company or yourself in a few short phrases or sentences, what would you say? What would be those key objectives that illustrate who you are and what your company believes in? Core values should be the backbone of any company, the reason a particular company exists.

As businesses expand and change it is important for them to have that solid backbone to lean on and guide the growth. Though over the years MediCopy’s Core Values have changed a bit, they are still the core of our culture. These Core Values are what makes us… M.E.D.I.C.O.P.Y

Maintain 100% accountability

Being a team member of MediCopy means taking charge of the tasks that are given to you. Once training is complete, a lot of responsibility is given to our employees. Our Account Managers and Quality Analysts are accountable for medical records being released properly - understanding their importance to the company and working hard to be liable for every piece of information that is processed.

Embrace work-life balance

MediCopy team members work a flexible schedule and the ability to work from home when compliance and productivity expectations are met. This allows our team members to have more time with friends and family or exploring their hobbies and interests! We know our employees give 100% and we want to ensure they can turn off work and enjoy life outside of work because that’s the reason we are all here.

Donate time and resources

MediCopy partners with local organizations like Pencil, Y.E.S, Nashville Rescue Mission and Feeding America to donate our time and resources. We run annual drives to collect supplies and many of our team members will go to events as volunteers! Our team members are encouraged to donate their time and resources to any organization they connect to! 

Innovative the industry

We want to make a positive impact on the HIM industry and be a disrupter to the old ways of releasing information. Always brainstorming, we will continue to search for ways to make the process easier, faster, and most efficient for doctors, patients, and requesting parties alike. Being a privately owned company allows us to make industry changes quickly to meet our clients and patients needs. 

Continue personal and professional growth

There's always room for growth. Personally and professionally. MediCopy wants all its employees to always reach for their highest potential and keep striving to be better as you grow older. MediCopy promotes team members who go the extra distance to provide wonderful customer care and attention to their work. And as long as the HIM industry keeps evolving and changing, we plan on evolving and changing with it. 

Offer open and honest communication

Growth does not happen without clear, and sometimes difficult conversations. Our team, managers, and partners are expected to hold space for those conversations. A culture based on honesty makes MediCopy what it is by allowing our team to be themselves while having clear expectations and opportunities to express excitement, frustrations, or ideas! 

Promote patients as out #1 priority

This is self-explanatory, really. And most people are probably thinking "Isn't that pretty much every business's goal?" True; however, MediCopy REALLY strives to keep patients extremely happy. In an industry that can seem confusing to patients, we work hard to make sure that they understand the process and are comfortable with us helping them. Whether on the phone or through our chat feature, podium, our team will do whatever it takes to make sure the experience is smooth and pleasant from start to finish.

Yield quality above quantity

MediCopy has a dedicated compliance team who works closely with our team members to ensure the highest quality and HIPAA-compliant record releases. MediCopy team members go through annual training as well as quarterly reviews to maint our standards. We may be a production-based company but when it comes down to it the quality of work is what really matters. 

When deciding on core values for your business, you must ask yourself "What really matters to us and our business?" Do not fall victim to choosing the most generic values, but keep your company's specific goals in mind. When core values are set, they are always helpful to come back to when you need a good reminder of why you started your business in the first place. Staying true to your core values and yourself will lead you to organic growth just like MediCopy. 

If our Core Values vibe with you, check out our Careers Page for current job openings!