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Skylar Sadker

Meet Skylar Sadker, Project Manager at MediCopy! Skylar has been with MediCopy for two years!  She most identifies with the MediCopy Core Value 'Embrace work-life balance' because "it is something I am trying to focus more on because I tend to throw myself into my work and forget everything else. But this year has been an eye-opener and helped me realize I need to start putting myself and my family on a higher pedestal!' 

"I love the fact that if it is your first day or work or 500th day of work you always feel like you are part of something bigger. It does not matter where you came from or your background you fit in. "

Skylar lived in Germany for a few years and it helped shape her into the person she is today. "I would rather make something from scratch or do something the "old fashioned way" rather than fly through a task for the sake of time saved. I want to enjoy the experience and not just check a box."

Skylar, you go above and beyond for your teammates every day. We are so lucky to have you! MediCopy is made better by your industrious nature.