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COVID 19 Vaccine Information

The light at the end of the tunnel? COVID-19 vaccinations are becoming more readily available throughout the United States which means we may be finding ourselves stepping into the world we once knew again. 

The three available vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson are providing individuals with the protection and immunity necessary to open the country back up. These vaccines were thoroughly tested through clinical trials and are deemed safe by the CDC. (Link

Over this past weekend, Nashville held a large vaccination event getting 10,000 individuals vaccinated with the Johnson and Johnson 1 shot vaccine through a drive-through event at Nissan Stadium. This event helped push the percentage of Tennesseans who have had at least one vaccine to over 19%.  

Tennessee is on track to have everyone over the age of 16+ eligible to get a vaccination by the beginning of April! Sites like are available to help individuals get signed up through their county’s health department as well pharmacies that have vaccines in stock.   

MediCopy handles the release of medical records as well as form completion for wonderful healthcare facilities across the country that were on the frontlines while battling COVID-19 and are still working hard to get their communities vaccinated. We will continue to support our healthcare partners and patients by releasing medical records (including immunizations) in a timely manner. 

When a vaccine is available to you, please take the opportunity to get your shot. Team MediCopy sure is!