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EHR Conversion

EHR Conversion

Paper to Digital Conversion and Data Archiving

While integrating a new EHR system is no easy task, the benefits are clear. Accurate, up-to-date patient information, the ability to share and access the medical record from anywhere, decreased paperwork, legible documentation, and reduced duplication of testing all contribute to improving the quality of patient care and increasing the efficiency of your practice. Data Archiving can also save your facility storage and transportation fees, as well as protect against possible breaches.

MediCopy understands the structure of a patient's medical record and the necessity to maintain data integrity during the entire EHR Conversion process. We offer a cost-effective solution for reproducing electronic copies of patient medical records, safely destroying the paper charts and assisting with the integration into an electronic health record system.

What We Provide
  • Customized workflow and delivery options based on your facility's needs
  • All labor, equipment and management of the EHR conversion project provided by MediCopy
  • As soon as the chart is scanned, your facility will have immediate access to the electronic version for patient appointments and urgent requests
  • Seamless integration into any EHR software of your facility's choosing
  • Direct monitoring to ensure electronic charts are reproduced to the highest quality standards
  • Delivery of electronic records to your facility in a secure encrypted format or uploaded directly into your EHR system

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On average, it takes 20-30 minutes to prepare and scan 1 patient chart. If your facility sees 100 patients per day, the result is 50 hours of scanning paper charts. 50 hours of labor, plus the leadership needed to guide the project, can eat heavily into your overhead costs. The responsibilities involved in EHR conversion and integration can become a full workload, resulting in important operational activities of your facility to fall by the way side. Additionally, industrial scanning equipment can cost thousands of dollars, and is a costly investment for a one-time project. Front desk reception area, waiting room, nurses’ station, or exam room – each of these areas are critical to your daily operations, and cannot be cluttered with paper medical records pending conversion to electronic copies.

In addition to our Release of Information service, MediCopy also offers budget-friendly paper-to-electronic Record Conversion and EHR Integration to help your facility attest to Meaningful Use, increase the quality of patient care, and increase the efficiency of your practice.

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