State-by-State Guide of Medical Record Copying Fees

The Omnibus Rule, effective September 23rd, 2013, allows for the identification of labor costs for copying PHI, whether in paper or electronic form, which can include a reasonable cost-based fee for time spent creating and copying the file, defined by Federal Law and vary state by state. Read on to view a guide of the current laws active in each.

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MediCopy Doing Their Part for Price Transparency in Healthcare

In recent years there has been a buzz around price transparency in healthcare. Is there any price transparency? If not, how can consumers shop for the best deal? Will you, as a consumer, shopping for the best “deal” lower your quality of care? And the elephant in the room - would increased price transparency lower the cost of healthcare overall?

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Common Terms In Healthcare

The healthcare industry can be difficult to navigate, and it is only made more difficult by the abundance of terms and abbreviations used. Below you will find terms and abbreviations MediCopy commonly uses:

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Common ROI Questions

Common ROI Questions

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Box - How We Keep Medical Records Safe

Whether you are a healthcare professional or a patient, you have likely thought about the safety of your health information. We has been utilizing the secure, cloud-based platform “Box” for many years to keep these records safe. Box implements many security measures to maintain compliance with the SSAE 16 SOC1 report and HIPAA/HITECH regulations.

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Why Your Patient Portal is Lacking and How MediCopy Can Help

Has your facility followed in the steps of others and poured immense amounts of time and resources into creating a Patient Portal? You thought giving patients access to medical records, billing, and scheduling online would increase patient satisfaction and engagement - but you were wrong.

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PHI Access Guidelines: General Access

When a patient wants to request their medical records, many wonder what exactly their rights are under HIPAA guidelines. What parts of a medical record are patients allowed to access? What are patients allowed to do with those records?

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Learning and Growth from Both Sides of An Internship

Three years ago, I had the opportunity to hire my first interns. Nashville Entrepreneur Organization had teamed up with Vanderbilt University and their football program to offer their players paid internships at our local businesses. Personally, I have no interest in sports, but something told me I needed to go to the initial meeting.

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MediCopy Believes in Nashville

Believing in your city and community takes more than positive thoughts, it takes action and commitment. Through equal opportunity employment, internships, shadow programs and volunteer work, MediCopy strives to create opportunities for different kinds of people who call this community their own.

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PHI Access Guidelines: Requests for Access

In part one of our PHI Access Guidelines series, we discussed general access rules for a patient's medical record under HIPAA Guidelines, the definition of a designated record set and what makes someone a patient's personal representative. Part two will cover components of requesting access to medical records under HIPAA Guidelines.

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