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We all have things that are really hard to let go of. Humans are pack rats by nature. People keep their kid's hair from their first hair cut. Everybody has a "junk drawer" at home with a millon useless things in it. When I was younger, I had subscriptions to 6-7 car magazines at a time from age 10 to 17. I kept them all for years in my parents' attic (in boxes, of course, sorted alphabetically by magazine name, then issue date).  My mother finally threw them away 2-3 years after I moved out. Very disappointing. Anyway, it was very easy to think, "Oh boy, I am gonna read these again at some point, for sure." But in reality, I knew I wouldn't. It just took up space and cluttered up my parents' attic.


unnamedWhich brings me to my point for everyone out there working in the world of HIM and healthcare... should never hold onto records on your computer, as doing so poses a serious security risk. I know what some of you may be thinking... "But Stu - what if I need a copy of Joey Fatone's records next week? It's so easy to just leave it right here instead of in a secure area." Well, I'm here to tell you that you won't need it. So, don't even try to convince me that you do. The files are just taking up space on your computer. It's always, ALWAYS necessary to take the extra step and retrieve your records from their secure location and never save them. Furthermore, never leave important papers and other documents out on your workspace. And always shred anything that is no longer needed. A clear desk and desktop is a happy (and compliant) one. 

- Stuart Mobley, Director of Quality + Compliance