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A few members of our Business Development team had the opportunity to attend the 2016 Collision Conference in New Orleans and it was quite the experience! The ways of using technology to make lives better are growing exponentially and our BD team definitely caught the excitement that filled the conference, as so many startups worked to get their name and products to the masses. 

A Bit About Collision + Launch Pad

Collision is the US version of the Web Summit Conference series, originated in Dublin, Ireland. Collision hosts hundreds of startups promoting and (thousands of attendees searching) for the next big thing in tech. Also found at Collision is the Launch Pad PITCH initiative, in which the top startups across the country are invited to compete for the top Collision startup honor.


Over 400 applications were submitted to Collision and of these, 108 were chosen to participate in Launch Pad. Those chosen to give their pitch on a smaller stage were ultimately narrowed to down to three finalists. These finalists are then invited to give their pitches again on the main Collision stage with an elite panel of judges making the final decision as to who would be the Launch Pad winner. 

The Final Three

As mentioned, out of 400+ applications, three startups rose above the rest to make it to the final Launch Pad PITCH event: BeaglePortfolium and Rorus. Below is a brief overview as to what makes these startups so intriguing. Make sure to check out their websites via the links to learn even more!


Ever felt like you were judged on your abilities for a job simply by a GPA or test score? Maybe you aren't the greatest test taker, but you are an excellent student (and potential employee) ...and you have projects and papers galore to prove it. Portfolium partners up with colleges and universities across the country to help students match with jobs that needs that student's particular skill set and project history. Portfolium wants job seekers and students to feel that they are more than just their test scores and Portfolium platform allows you to showcase the projects you've completed. To learn more, visit the Portfolium site


Ever have a contract for something that you've skimmed through, but still don't completely understand? You begin to call your legal friend to ask them a million questions, but stop yourself from burdening them with your confusion. Well then... Beagle to the rescue! With their motto, "We sniff out the fine print, so you don't have to.", Beagle's techonology uses automatic artificial intelligence to analyze contracts and then present an easy-to-understand summary of the findings. To learn more about Beagle, visit the site here

Rorus (The Winner!)

Based out of Pittsburgh, the Rorus team has created a portable, ready-to-use, water filter that will revolutionize the way everyone accesses clean drinking water. After a trip to South Africa to study a new water purification method, CEO Corrine Clinch became determined to find a way to utilize nanotechnology to filter water, making it completely clean to drink. The result was a filter pack that removes viruses, bacteria, metals, etc. with no change in taste or added chemicals.

It's easy to see why Rorus took home the top prize, even with techonical difficulties and Chief Business Officer Kyle Henson having to wing his pitch sans a visual. A small filter that results in clean drinking water for people anywhere can transform the world... we'd say that is pretty much amazing. To read more about the Rorus story and their filtering techonology, visit their site here.

Collision 2017

The Collision Conference recently announced that they will be back in New Orleans for 2017 and there is currently an incredible deal on tickets. To find out more, visit the Collision Conf 2017 page right now!

- Allison Stejskal, Digital Content Manager