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It's a new year. A fresh start. And most people are or have been thinking of ways to live a more fulfilling life and leave the mistakes of the past behind them. Something our own CEO reminds all of us constantly is to "be intentional" in all aspects of our lives. But what exactly does it mean to live an intentional life? 

Finding Your Purpose

A lot of the time, we find ourselves just going with the motions of life, not really thinking about why we are doing certain things. By living an intentional life, everything you do is done with consciousness, an exact purpose. Usually when you declare a purpose for something you are doing, it can take on a whole new meaning - something completely fulfilling.

A lot of people think you must take up a new hobby or begin volunteering, etc. to be intentionally living. However, this is definitely not the case. You can be intentional in your everyday routines. For example, as you're driving to work in the morning, think to yourself about why you are doing it. If you mentally declare "Today I am going to work to help people, to solve problems and make sure everyone I interact with is satisfied with my work", then you are being intentional about going to work. Thinking intentionally will help you to think more clearly and to not get as stressed by day-to-day tasks that must be completed. 

Make Decisions For You, Not Everyone Else

Intentional living means making life decisions based on exactly what YOU feel you need, not what you believe everyone else wants you to do or what is considered by the majority as the "proper" choice. Intentional living is about understanding the choices you make, why you pick certain things and why you say "no" to others. As you observe the world around you, take from it what you can and draw your own conclusions about what you want to do and why.

A new year always means there is room for growth and chance. Maybe this year, we can all begin working at being intentional. Chances are it will be a wonderful decision. Happy New Year!

-Allison Stejskal, Business Development Executive