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MediCopy University

screenAs the new year kicks off, MediCopy has begun implementing new weekly-to-monthly in-service workshops for any in-house employee wishing to sharpen his or her HIM skills. The workshops will be led by the Training Coordinators and feature varying topics that include but are not limited to: "ROI 101", "Understanding State Statutes" and "The Do's and Don'ts of Referral Requests".

On January 27th, the first workshop entitled "Maximize Your Potential, Grow Your Expertise" was held, covering the rules of invoicing requests based on the state in which the records are copied, invoicing code protocol and other billing topics. Led by Training Coordinators BJ and Ashley, the workshop proved to be very informative and helpful to those who attended. We hope these workshops continue to serve as retraining for all employees, as HIPAA regulations and medical record copying statutes change constantly.