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Has your facility followed in the steps of others and poured immense amounts of time and resources into creating a Patient Portal? You thought giving patients access to medical records, billing, and scheduling online would increase patient satisfaction and engagement - but you were wrong. Okay, maybe you weren’t completely wrong, but I can almost certainly say you aren’t seeing the engagement you thought you would. So, why is that?

The Facts:
First we need to accept the facts. According to the Government Accountability Office (GAO), 88% of hospitals and 87% of professional practice offices offer patients some form of electronic access to their medical records. This number may surprise you - you may have thought your facility was in a minority for offering this service. So, if the majority of facilities offer this service, patients are utilizing it, right? Wrong! According to the report, only 15% of patients in a hospital system and 30% of patients who visited a professional provider independent of a hospital system used their system’s Portal to access, download, or send their medical records. But this can’t be accurate for YOUR facility. YOUR facility uses educational brochures, usability and design improvement, clinician testimony and encouragement, in-office computer access, reminder emails, clinical staff incentives, raffles and giveaways for patients, and even discounts on procedures! Unfortunately, the GAO reports that the majority of providers offer these services as well and they have no real effect on the numbers.

The Breakdown:
Facilities that are in low income areas, or have less that 50 providers, see lower patient engagement within the Patient Portal. Specialty practices such as podiatry, cardiology and oncology see higher rates of engagement. When it comes to age, facilities with a lower number of elderly patients see a higher rate of engagement within the Portal and vice versa. Another area to emphasize is that patients with chronic illnesses are the MOST likely group to utilize a Patient Portal.

Why it Matters: 
To achieve increased patient engagement, you must meet patients where they are most comfortable. For most, this is a phone call or a face to face interaction. Per the GAO, the majority of the patient population falls into categories that do not utilize Patient Portals.

How MediCopy can Help:
MediCopy partners with hospitals and physician practices to provide Release of Information services. Patient satisfaction is a vital part of our company's mission, which is why we want to help you increase your engagement. Over 25% of all requests MediCopy receives are requested directly by patients. We understand that a Patient Portal can be cumbersome for some patients. MediCopy manages the patient engagement process from start to finish and handles all patient communication regarding the medical records process. When partnered with MediCopy, you will experience lower call volumes, a faster turnaround time, and increased patient satisfaction. To learn more about us please visit

To schedule a time to chat with us about how MediCopy can serve your facility please visit