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Photograph of Blake Haney

Blake Haney

Quality Analyst

For me, the details are in the fabric. I thrive off of being able to spot areas of improvement, not only at MediCopy, but personally as well. I appreciate that quality in me is embraced and fostered on a daily basis.

Any volunteer opportunities you're involved in or non-profits you're passionate about?
I work part-time for the YMCA, but I also take the time to volunteer for the organization when the opportunity arises. I love the YMCA's focus on developing the whole person, and giving opportunities to those who would normally be overlooked. I also give my time back to my fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Helping these young men change and impact their campus gives me the chance to give back to a fraternity that gave me so much.

If there were a movie produced about your life, who would star as you and why?
I think Bradley Cooper would be a solid choice. He's a great balance of comedy and drama.

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ROI Account Manager
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Regional Sales Executive
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