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Photograph of Courtney Lawrence

Courtney Lawrence

Director of Human Resources

Working at MediCopy means more to me than most would imagine. Although I was one of the first employees of the team, I left to do other things, but at the time I returned to the company, it was a time when I needed structure the most. Now after both my personal and professional growth, I can truly say I owe a tremendous amount of that growth to this company.

What's the one problem you are best at solving for your clients/customers? What skill(s) do you have a knack for?
I like to think of myself to be a problem solver. I am usually able to assess a situation and not waste any time finding a solution. 

Any volunteer opportunities you're involved in or non-profits you're passionate about?
I am seriously passionate about the work that both Nashville Cares and Young Brothers United do. I would like to dedicate more of my time to help them more in the future. 

Comedy or horror?
Comedy, always.

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