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Photograph of Elliott Noble-Holt

Elliott Noble-Holt

Founder + CEO

We can definitely say he's the hardest working guy in the business. And if you asked anyone in this office one of the people they admire most, it would without a doubt be Elliott. His story is inspiring and makes all of strive to be the very best we can be. His energy keeps all of us here at MediCopy motivated every single day. 

Who inspires you and why?
My father. Worked his butt off to provide for his family. Full-time job, part-time job and an entrepreneur. I love him and wish he was here to enjoy the fruits of my labor. 

How do you feel about where you are today?
I am grateful and blessed to be where I am today and I know that without being appreciative for it all, it would go away. I am also a true believer that thoughts become things and we have the power to do a lot more than we know.

What's your claim to fame?
Once snuck through a bathroom window to meet Reba McIntyre at the Ralph Emery Show. I have been a fanatic since I was 14.

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ROI Quality Analyst
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Account Services Analyst
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ROI Account Manager
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Business Development Executive
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