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Rebound Orthopedics & Neurosurgery has partnered with MediCopy Services for the completion of disability and FMLA paperwork. Below you will find instructions on how to submit your Disability or FMLA forms to MediCopy. If you have questions about the process, either text by clicking the bubble found on the bottom right of your webpage or give us a call.

Steps to Request Disability/FMLA Form Completion

1. Required: Submit an intake authorization form

Submit an authorization form via Web or PDF. Please note, all forms require an authorization form in order to be completed. If you do not submit an authorization form there will be a delay. We accept all valid HIPAA authorization forms and have provided an intake authorization form for your use.

2.  Turn in your form(s) to be completed

Submit your Disability or FMLA form(s) in PDF format online here

PLEASE NOTE: If you completed an online intake authorization form you do not need to submit it again. If you printed the intake form please send it along with your blank Disability or FMLA form. 

3.  MediCopy will complete your form(s) within three business days.

4.  Upon completion, forms will be sent to the designated requesting party.

You may also request a copy of the completed form to be emailed to you as well. Please note on your form(s) or the intake form that you would like a copy and provide a valid email address.

Rebound Orthopedics & Neurosurgery has partnered with MediCopy Services for the release of protected health information (PHI), otherwise known as medical records. Please see below for methods to request records:

Steps to Request Medical Records

Non-Patient Requestors:

In order to request medical records please visit Rebound's website and follow the provided directions.