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Below you will find instructions on how to submit your forms. If you have questions about the process, either chat us via Podium found on the bottom right of your page, or contact us

To complete an online authorization form please click here

Steps For Form Completion

1. Turn in your form(s) to be completed via the following options:

•  In Person: Please complete the following intake form and turn it in with your FMLA/Disability paperwork to your physician's office or MediCopy directly. 
•  Email:
•  Fax: 888-972-2476
•  Mail: MediCopy Attn: Form Completion Dept. 8 City Blvd. Suite 400, Nashville, TN 37209

A separate signed authorization may be required by your doctor's office in order to complete your FMLA and/or Disability form(s). If your doctor's office requires an authorization form to be completed, you may fill out the authorization at your doctor's office, online HERE or download a PDF version to be submitted via the delivery methods above. 

Once we receive your form(s), here is what to expect:

2.  MediCopy will send you an invoice to be paid before the form(s) is completed. 

The first form submitted will be charged at a $30 flat rate. If you submit multiple forms at the same time, the first form will be charged at $30 and each additional form will be charged at $15 each.

Helpful Hint: To allow for faster processing times, please include your email address with your submitted form(s), so that we may email you an invoice to be paid online. 

3.  Once payment is received, MediCopy will complete your form(s) within three business days.

In order for MediCopy to be able to send your completed form(s), the following must be true: all invoices due must be paid in full; all pertinent information must be within your medical chart; and all authorizations and documentation submitted to support the form(s) must be filled out completely and correctly. An error in any of these items may result in a delay in sending your completed form(s).

4.  Upon completion, forms will be sent to the designated requesting party.

You may also request a copy of the completed form to be emailed to you, once it is sent to the designated requesting party. Please note on your form(s) and/or signed authorization that you would like a copy and provide a valid email address.


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