Request Medical Records

Requesting medical records or having a disability/FMLA form completed can be confusing or even frustrating, but our team strives to do everything we can to help you understand the entire process.

What We Offer

Release of Information

Offers innovative support to patients, requesting parties and health information management departments alike.

  • Free remote release for partners
  • Secure HIM Solutions
  • Full service, tailored ROI services
Disability + FMLA Form Completion

Relieve your staff of form completion duties? We will handle all communication so your team can invest in patient care.

  • Average three day turnaround
  • Online chat feature 
  • Zero cost for healthcare facilities
Chart Review Retrieval

Our payor services team handles the completion of requests for records supporting audits.

  • Audits for HEDIS
  • Center for Medicare Services
  • Medicare Advantage & more

Who We Serve

We believe in creating meaningul partneships. Patients, clients and requesting parties are all met with a customer service experience second to none during any interaction with MediCopy and its team members.

We save healthcare providers time, money, and the stress of managing various HIM experiences.

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We are here to ensure a smooth process and compassionate customer service.

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We handle the release of medical requests with the utmost care, security, and efficiency.

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We’re ready to support you.

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Transforming the health information exchange process.

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