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Taking a fresh approach to traditional Release of Information services by offering innovative support to patients, requesting parties and HIM departments alike.

MediCopy strives to make the Release of Information experience as reliable and efficient as possible by providing simple and secure HIM solutions. We offer full-service Release of Information services tailored to Hospitals & Health Systems, as well as Physicians & Group Practices. Our objective is to assist in the integral role of patient care by providing security and privacy safeguards during the transfer and handling of medical records - all while providing exceptional customer service. 

MediCopy Provides

  • Rapid and secure e-delivery methods for instant access to PHI
  • Utilization of esMD for the electronic submission of all RAC audits
  • Quicker turnaround times for patients and requestors
  • Direct online connection with the Social Security Administration 
  • Access to our web-based CarePortal for real-time status updates 
  • HIPAA-compliant direct messaging to MediCopy representatives
  • Online status checks, payments and account details for requestors
  • Records stored in secure portals for easy access and management
  • Detailed monitoring, searching and reporting capabilities
  • Easy collaboration within and outside of your department or facility

Remote Release of Information

For clients utilizing an EMR system in their practice, MediCopy will complete all ROI services remotely from our corporate facility. In addition, MediCopy will also complete all transfer-of-care requests and answer all phone calls from requestors regarding their medical records request, alleviating your staff to focus on other critical duties.

Security Standards

  • High-grade SSL data encryption at transfer and 256-bit AES at rest
  • Encryption keys securely stored and frequently rotated
  • Activity occurring from an unfamiliar IP address triggers a red flag and notification is sent to an administrator for immediate attention
  • Multiple data centers for SAS-70 Type II Compliance at every step 
  • Advanced measures used for redundancy, availability, physical security and continuity on all stored data
  • Systems automatically log actions taken on every request, providing a full audit trail by event date, time, user, email, IP address, and action
  • All requests are passed through our "triple check system" 
  • All patient medical records are validated by critical information, including: name, date of birth, social security number, date range, and record type requested per HIPAA guidelines

On-Site Release of Information

MediCopy will provide on-site ROI Specialists for all clients with paper records still in use. A MediCopy representative will visit your facility to scan and process all paper requests and work directly with your department to develop a schedule and workflow that meets your specific needs. MediCopy utilizes its own resources to process all requests, and your medical records will never leave your facility as we are able to capture, encrypt and upload all information at your facility.

For clients with higher volumes of paper requests, particularly hospitals, MediCopy will provide on-site employees to complete certain key aspects of the ROI process. On-site employees are hired, trained, compensated and managed directly by MediCopy, but will report to your HIM Department for all daily job duties.

Case Study

Lexington Clinic Release of Information + Form Completion Services

Three words to describe our experience with MediCopy: Satisfying, Pleasant, Relief. MediCopy has been fabulous for our department. The staff is excellent and the CEO, Elliott, is absolutely wonderful. Great company...highly recommend!

Amybeth Dotson, RHIA, Director of Health Information

Lexington Clinic is one of Central Kentucky's oldest and largest multi-specialty medical groups, with approximately 200 providers and more than 30 specialties. The Clinic's 17 locations combined receive 2,000 patient visits daily and an average of 2,500 requests for medical records every month. 

The multiple locations and EHR systems, combined with the high volume of requests were causing unmanageable request backlogs with up to 25+ day turnaround times for Lexington Clinic. The Clinic's previous ROI vendor was unable to offer any lasting solutions to this problem. Even when turnaround times were able to be improved upon, they would quickly fall behind once again. 

The Challenge

Lexington Clinic's previous vendor was no longer meeting their needs or providing a resolution to their backlog and turnaround time issues. One of the biggest challenges in searching for a new ROI solution was Lexington's multiple associate practices that had recently joined the Clinic, each bringing with them their own EHR system. Any medical records created prior to a new practice joining Lexington Clinic were stored in each practice's individual EHR system. This meant that the new vendor would need to use approximately 7 different systems when completing ROI services for the Clinic. 

Due to limited space onsite at the Clinic, it was also important for the new chosen vendor to provide off-site staff to process the requests while still offering quicker turnaround times. Lexington Clinic also wanted the option to keep their existing two ROI staff on-site without having to incur the costs of directly managing these employees. 

The Solution

Before MediCopy everyday was a struggle trying to get answers from physicians and getting forms done on time. It was just a big rush. I think MediCopy is great because it’s a company that helps the doctors as well as the patients with time.

Jerome Collins, Disability Department

Release of Information + Form Completion

One of the leading factors in Lexington Clinic's decision to partner with MediCopy was the full-service solutions that MediCopy offered, including Audit Support, On-Site Staffing, and Patient Form Completion. MediCopy was able to provide off-site support from their corporate office to complete all requests as well as take on Lexington Clinic's two on-site employees under their own management. MediCopy also handled all communications with the Clinic's requestors and patients, helping to alleviate the endless paperwork, hounding requestors and relentless status calls that go along with release of information. 

In addition to a new ROI vendor, Lexington Clinic was also searching for a solution to the completion of Disability/FMLA forms. The Clinic was previously contributing one full-time employee to this job alone. MediCopy's personnel handled all release of information requests as well as the completion of these patient forms, including corresponding billing, status checks and all details relating to the process. This allowed Lexington Clinic to redirect their own employee's time to other critical duties, as their forms could now simply be uploaded to MediCopy's database for completion.

Once we started using MediCopy, we saw immediate improvement. Making the decision to switch to MediCopy will save us approximately $25,000/year. The time saved in answering status checks alone is worth the switch!

Amybeth Dotson, RHIA, Director of Health Information

The Result

Lexington Clinic began its transition with MediCopy in February of 2014, and was able to see changes very quickly. The previous 3 week backlog Lexington Clinic was experiencing was brought up to date in less than 1 week. Requestors were no longer calling the Clinic daily to check the status of requests because they were being turned around within 2 business days.

Major Improvements Included:

- Turnaround times drastically reduced
- Increase in customer satisfaction
- Additional department savings
- Optimized use of HIM staff
- Decreased phone calls + status checks
- Secure and efficient ROI Process