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What is MediCopy and what exactly do they do?

MediCopy is a release of information (ROI) company that partners with healthcare facilities to ensure that requests for copies of medical records are completed quickly and efficiently. Depending on the type and size of a facility, a MediCopy representative may be stationed within the facility or will work remotely from our corporate office. MediCopy handles all release of information requests including, but not limited to, audits, transfer of care, workers compensation and litigation.

Why did my doctor’s office choose MediCopy to handle the release of my medical records?

Many healthcare facilities find that they save time, money and resources when partnering with an outside company for release of information (ROI). At MediCopy, each request is handled with utmost care, and facilities receive an industry-leading two business day turnaround time. Many doctor’s offices become backlogged with medical records requests and it can take months to get them fulfilled. MediCopy works around the clock to prevent backlog and guarantee that you receive your records quickly and efficiently.

Why do I have to sign an authorization form to get a copy of my medical records?

Under HIPAA rule, a signed authorization is required to fulfill any request for your medical records. For your security, the authorization must be completed in its entirety. If sections of the authorization form are incomplete, we will be unable to fulfill your request, therefore delaying the process in obtaining your medical records.

Where can I get an authorization form?

Depending on your doctor, you may be able to pick-up an authorization form from your doctor’s office. Alternatively, MediCopy has an online authorization that can be completed and submitted here.

I submitted my authorization to my doctor’s office, so what happens next?

Your doctor’s office will forward your authorization to MediCopy. Once MediCopy has received your authorization, an Account Manager will review your authorization for accuracy and completion. If the authorization has been filled out correctly, the Account Manager will then retrieve the requested medical records directly from your electronic medical record (EMR). If payment is required, the invoice will be billed to the appropriate party prior to sending the records. If payment is not required, records will be immediately released to the designated party per your authorization.

How do I ensure that my request for records is fulfilled as quickly as possible?

Please fill out all fields on the authorization and be as specific as possible concerning what medical records you want, facility information and where the records are going. For example, if you may only want records on a certain procedure, part of your body or during a specific date range, please include that on the authorization. Have any questions on what to include? Contact us here.

How does MediCopy determine the cost of fulfilling my medical record request?

MediCopy follows all current state statutes and uses the fees from the state in which the facility is located. If you were seen at a doctor's office in Texas, for example, MediCopy will use the current Texas fees. Please Note: Each state carries different fee guidelines and they are subject to change at any time. You can view the current state-by-state fee schedules here.  

How can I pay my invoice?

Invoices may be paid online by clicking here and inputting the code located on the bottom of your invoice. You may also mail a check filled out to MediCopy, or you call to pay over the phone. Phone payments may be subject to a $10.00 convenience fee. 

Can I pay for the copies of my medical records when I fill out and submit my authorization form?

Unfortunately not. The charge for medical records is determined by the number of pages and we cannot determine the number of pages needed until after the requested medical records have been retrieved and pages have been counted.

Does MediCopy ever charge any additional fees once my request is fulfilled and the initial invoice is sent?

Yes, a $5 late fee will be charged if the invoice is not paid within 30 days.

Once I pay, how does MediCopy send my records? How long does it take?

Medical records will be released according to the authorization or request. Applicable delivery methods include secure email, fax, or mail. In some instances, records may be picked up directly at the facility, or at MediCopy’s corporate office.

MediCopy will release medical records no later than 2 business days. Emailed and faxed should arrive the day they are released. Please allow up to one week for records delivered via the US Postal Service.

Why is the “WHERE ARE THE RECORDS GOING?” portion of the authorization form important?

MediCopy is only authorized to release the medical records based on the information entered into this section of the disclosure. For example: if Dr. Smith’s information is entered, we can only send the records to Dr. Smith. Any changes to the recipient of the medical records will require a new authorization.

If you have any additional questions, you may contact our office during our normal business hours.