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Steps For Requesting Your Medical Records

1.  Submit an authorization form online, or you may download a PDF version: 
      AUTH FORM (English) or
AUTH FORM (Español)

The PDF version of the authorization form can be submitted by the following methods:

  • Email:
  • Fax: 615.780.9866
  • Mail: MediCopy 8 City Blvd. Suite 400 Nashville, TN 37209
  • In-Person: Drop the completed form off at your doctor's office.

Cherokee Health Systems requires that all of their patients complete a separate authorization packet specific to their facility. Do not complete the authorization form above; please complete the Cherokee Health Authorization Packet, also found at the bottom on this page under "Patient Resources".

2.  Once received, we will begin fulfilling your request. 

Please make sure you have completed the authorization in its entirety. If any required information is left off of the authorization, this could cause a delay in the fulfillment of the request. If there is a fee associated with your request, an invoice will be sent - either as a prepayment or with your records.

3.  Records will be sent via the delivery method specified on the authorization form. 


Patient Resources

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