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Audit Support

Audit Support

Along with traditional ROI, MediCopy will reproduce all PHI requested for RAC and health insurance carrier audits.

Our team of Release of Information Specialists are experienced in the submission requirements outlined by each auditor. Submission of all requests is guaranteed in a timely manner to avoid delay in reimbursement and aid in full compliance. We utilize esMD software for the electronic submission of all RAC audits, providing a quick and easy method to track the submission and receipt of audits. 

Benefits of our Audit Solutions
  • Requests are delivered electronically via esMD in hours compared to days
  • Every audit request can be easily viewed and monitored by your staff
  • HIPAA-secure transmission and storage of corresponding health information
  • Reduced risk of technical denials
  • Easy access to delivery confirmation and tracking information
  • One access point to participating government auditors
  • Request fulfillment, delivery and tracking with one simple tool
  • Access to our user-friendly CarePortal to review all critical information
  • Audit consultants to assist with or help prepare for audits

Audit Submission with esMD
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In response to the numerous audits submitted to providers from the recovery contractors, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) established a National Health Information Network (NHIN) in which requested medical records and documentation could be securely submitted electronically. The Electronic Submission of Medical Documentation (esMD) program was created to enable providers to electronically respond to RAC, MAC, and CERT audits. 

Prior to esMD, providers responded to requests for medical records by faxing or mailing the documentation to the Review Contractor, making the process timely and more difficult to track. In order for records to be e-delivered, a provider would need to partner with a Health Information Handler (HIH), such as MediCopy. 

Because MediCopy is registered as a HIH with the esMD Gateway, we are able to submit responses electronically by uploading the documents to the NHIN, and track submissions based on Claim Number and Audit Case Number. Once submitted, a transmittal report is received immediately confirming the documents have been received and successfully transmitted to the designated Review Contractor. This ensures accurate responses to meet deadlines, decreases administrative time spent and eliminates lost submissions. 

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