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My Experience With Another ROI Company

In August, I requested medical records from a hospital in the general area. I called the hospital to find out what I needed to do to get the ball rolling. They transferred me to an ROI company's line where I waited on hold for some time. While waiting, I decided to go ahead and hunt for some kind of authorization form on the company's website. I was finally able to find one; however, I remained on hold to ask about turnaround time on my request. When I finally got a person on the phone, they told me that they do not copy records for the hospital I was calling about. Fabulous. I stated that I had already located the release I needed from the hospital's website with their (the ROI company's) logo on it. I was put on hold again. 

When they picked back up, the ROI company representative concluded that they do copy records for the hospital (Hooray!) and stated that they would have my records emailed to me by the end of that week (about 3 business days from then). The end of the week came and went, but by this point, I realized that I no longer needed my medical records from the hospital and just put it out of my mind. 


doctorFast-forward to 6 weeks later...

The packet of medical records I requested showed up in the mail. I called the ROI company to make payment for them; however, I did not have the invoice number handy. I figured it would be easy enough to locate the request by my name, DOB, hospital name, etc. The ROI company asked me several questions, finally telling me that they do not copy records from the hospital I was speaking of... which is interesting because I was holding a packet of my records with the ROI company's information all over it. After a lot of back and forth, they were able to sort out their mistake and allow me to pay for my records.

[ meaningful ] Health Information Exchange

The experience I had with this particular ROI company is probably quite similar to what many patients experience when requested their medical records. MediCopy is working hard to eliminate the stigma that ROI companies are unhelpful and difficult to reach and instead provide meaningful health information exchange. We want to as transparent as possible and ensure prompt delivery and outstanding customer service. No patient should be sent on a rollercoaster ride to simply get a copy of records that pertain to their health and well-being. 

If you ever need to reach a particular team member, you can find their information HERE. We understand that release of information can be a tedious process and we hope to help and clarify as best we can, so you have a quality experience.

- BJ Jones, ROI Training Coordinator