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Educational Tools

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EHR Implementation Guide

The process for deploying a new EHR system can be challenging. Use this checklist to prepare for the most successful implementation and go-live experience.

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HIPAA Flashcards

Think you know everything about the rules + regulations of HIPAA? Help train your staff & promote compliance by testing your knowledge with our flashcards.

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Roaring 20's Lingo

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Superhero Trivia Cheat Sheet

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Compliance Checklist

Use our checklist to update your policies and procedures for full compliance with the HIPAA Omnibus Rule.

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Case Studies

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JWM Neurology ROI Case Study

An "easy, streamlined, and stress-free" ROI Solution.

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Release of Information Case Study

Download the case study on Lexington Clinic (Release of Information + Form Completion Services)

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Partner Authorizations

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Cherokee Health Authorization Packet

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MediCopy Authorization (English)

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MediCopy Authorization (EspaƱol)

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New Forms

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FMLA Disability Intake Form

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Disability Auth for Website

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