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Time to Give Thanks for Outsourcing Your ROI

“How would a release of information company be able to handle our medical records requests better than we could?”

Many facilities believe that they are fit to handle their release of information requests themselves. However, as time passes, many companies find themselves no longer able to bear the burden of incoming ROI requests and realize that potentially outsourcing medical records could be beneficial. But how so? 

Savings Across The Board

By outsourcing Release of Information and other services to an HIM company, your facility is able to save many resources including time, money and manpower. Oftentimes, facilities have found that the costs and labor to fulfill requests becomes much greater than the return. By allowing MediCopy to complete all medical record requests and answer all phone calls associated with them, there is no need for your facility to hire extra staff or use your current staff to complete the requests. This will allow your facility to focus on the true objective: patient care and education.

MediCopy also offers something that many ROI companies do not. For qualified partners we are a 100% complimentary service. We have no billable to non-billable ratios and we do not charge you for the labor or supply costs we incur while completing requests. Our profits are made from requesting parties only, based on the laws established for each state

Working Partnerships

MediCopy has proudly served hospitals and health facilities for the last 20 years and in that time, we have been able to develop solid partnerships with retrieval companies, insurance companies, and attorneys offices. These partnerships ensure that medical records requests are processed as quickly as possible with a typical two business day turn around time. MediCopy has direct access to the Social Security Administration portals, allowing for DDS requests to be easily uploaded instead of faxing or mailing them. Because of this, benefits for patients are received faster than ever before. RAC audits are also another burden, robbing facilities of their time and resources. MediCopy is partnered with MEA and utilizes their esMD connection software, FastAttach, to quickly and securely deliver multi-patient audits. 

Security and Compliance

All processed requests are managed through our CarePortal, a secure cloud-based platform that meets all security requirements set forth by HIPAA and HITECH guidelines. Each record is encrypted within the system and all actions are logged and time-stamped for complete transparency. All processed work is looked over a minimum of two times to ensure accuracy before they are sent to the requesting party and accounting of disclosures are created for all clients to monitor work that is completed.

Interested in Partnering?

It’s time to give your team something to be thankful for this season. The benefits of partnering with an ROI company go on and on. MediCopy stands by our promise for the highest level of customer service, because our main focus is completing your medical record requests in a timely and thorough manner. If you are interested in using our services or just hearing more about them, you may contact us here

Let our team show you that outsourcing your medical record requests to MediCopy is an A+ decision!