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The MediCopy CarePortal is a HIPAA-compliant cloud-based platform that allows facilities to store and manage all completed medical record requests. Let our CarePortal keep important data at your fingertips, while providing control and security that your healthcare organization needs.

Key Features

  • Facility personnel can create their own log-ins and manage all fulfilled requests
  • Requesters are notified when a file is added to their own CarePortal
  • Searching and reporting capabilities, allowing for shared data to be accessed at any time
  • Cloud hosting that allows instant access and real-time status updates on any device
  • Secure, direct messaging to MediCopy representatives and amongst your staff
  • Actions are automatically logged - providing a full audit trail on each request

Who can use CarePortal?

Medical Practices

Attorneys Offices

Insurance / Retrieval Companies

Please Note: The CarePortal is not currently offered to patients requesting their medical information; however, as a patient, you can receive your medical records via a secure CarePortal link. Simply note that you would like your records emailed to you on your medical record authorization form in order to have records securely delivered to you electronically. 

Interested in your own CarePortal? 

Please fill out our CarePortal Interest Form!